Dates and Timeline

BEST Hub Timeline Every Year

The BEST competition occurs during the fall, but Brazos BEST and other BEST hubs operate on a year-round schedule.

  • Fund-raising: Ongoing
  • Ordering Kit Supplies: March to April
  • Developing Prototypes: June to July
  • All Functions: August to November
  • Kickoff: Early September
  • Practice Day: Mid October
  • Game Day: Late October
  • Texas BEST Championship: Early December

During the six week period between kickoff and competition day in the fall, teams can expect the following time expenditures:

Week Activity Days/Hours
1 Kickoff Meeting/Brainstorming 3 days 3hr/day
2 Brainstorming/Prototyping 3 days 3hr/day
3 Prototyping/Start Machine Building 4-5 days 3-4hr/day
4 Machine Building 4-5 days 3-4hr/day
5 Machine Building/Practice Day 4-5 days 4-6 hr/day
6 Refinement/Driving Practice 4-5 days 4-6 hr/day
End of Week 6 Local Hub Competition Friday Night & Saturday



Kickoff is the starting day of the competition process. Teams gather at a central location to hear about the game task and rules (held secret until this day), and receive the same kits of odd parts to use in building their robots.

Practice Day

Five weeks after the kickoff, teams at each local site have an opportunity to test their robots on the playing field in a mock competition.

Competition Day

Six weeks after the kickoff, teams compete in local contests for awards. Top-placing teams advance to the Texas BEST Championship a few weeks later at the University of North Texas.

It takes a lot of people to make this organization work.


General Dates to Remember for a Season

Brazos BEST Kickoff- Early September

Brazos BEST Practice Day- 5 weeks after kickoff

Brazos BEST Competition Day- 6 weeks after kickoff

Texas BEST Championship- Beginning of December

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