Summary of Past Games

Here are the past games that Brazos Best has been involved with. If you have any pictures from any of these past games please let us know! 

2008:Just Plane Crazy
Task: Automate the aircraft manufacturing process. Transport aircraft subassemblies from the Warehouse to the Assembly Area, assemble the aircraft and place at one of the three Flight Levels.

2007-  2021: A Robot Odyssey
Task: Maneuver across the Martian terrain to the Automated Supply Vehicles and unload their cargo for storage back the Martian base in preparation for the arrival of astronauts.

2006: Laundry Quandary
Task: Address an age old domestic challenge of automating laundry chores. It's time for a hi-tech solution to retrieve dry laundry from clotheslines and place wet laundry on clotheslines within the 3-minute time limit. Keep the laundry clean and be a good neighbor.

2005: Mission to Hubble
Task: The Hubble space telescope is an invaluable tool for astronomical research, yet the challenges with the shuttle program causes NASA to seek robotic solutions to performing routine maintenance.  Robots are flown into place by the shuttle arm where they extract old batteries and gyros and insert new ones.

2004: BEST Fever
Task: Squeaky has the genetic disorder "BEST Fever".  Your robot (Polymerizing Enzyme) is to enter his cells, denature the DNA and use the Primers to resequence his DNA.

2003: Transfusion Confusion
Task: Once miniaturized, your machine, and that of three other teams, will work to move blood cells from various locations within a sterile field to a Cell Saver used for autologous blood transfusions.

2002: Warp 10
Task: It has been 10 years since BEST beginnings. Steve and Ted's peaceful afternoon is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a rotating micro-black hole. Tearing through the fabric of time, it is threatening the historic BEST game pieces. Robots have to traverse the black hole and set things straight. 

2001: RAD to the Core
Task: The reactor at the nuclear power plant is quickly overheating and the fuel rods must be removed.  Get your Robot Assisted Delivery (RAD) robot to the core by crawling along the overhead beams and save the reactor. 

2000: Pandemonium in the Smithsonian
Task:  Enter the Smithsonian to retrieve technical artifacts, reset fire alarm switches, and return to a safe location.  Drivers had to rely on their spotters to see the game floor.

1999: Alien Escape
Task: Help aliens escape from a dying planet.  Robots captured and moved alien pods (fuzzy balls) or multiplier game pieces onto the field rocket or other scoring locations on the floor.

1998: Toxic Troubles
Task: Pick up garbage and place it in or below a collection containment vessel. Points were also scored by returning the special game piece to the spotter who then placed it on the machine.

1997: Dynamite Duel
Task: Remove sticks of dynamite from an abandoned mine field by placing them into an explosive-proof bucket at the top of the mine. The amount of dynamite was measured by mass and not by the number of sticks.

1996: Block-n-Load
Task: Score points by capturing squares on the playing field. A square was captured by placing game pieces in it.
1996 was Brazos BEST's charter year.

1995: Totally aweSUM
Task:  Gather long, tubular, foam noodles and place them in the positive area or in the opponents negative scoring area. The team with the most positive scores was the winner. 

1994: Bumble Rumble
Task:  Gather bumble balls and place them into a scoring area.  Each team had a high and low scoring area. The high scoring area was elevated and slanted so that if bumble balls were left unattended, they would bumble out.

1993: PVC Insanity
Task:  Take a short piece of PVC pipe from the edges of the playing field and place it on a goal in the center of the field. Scoring was determined by the placement of the pieces on the goal.
1993 was the first year of BEST. 


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