Statements from Past Teams

Brazos BEST has been an adventure in engineering challenge and team dynamics. The team, [working] as a unit rather than a group of individuals, solidifies the spirit of the competition as a positive experience for all involved.

-Anderson High School

The Odyssey Crew has worked hard for the last 6 weeks and we came away with a robot, but yet so much more. We learned how to work as a team to accomplish a single goal as well as how to design and build a product. We also learned how to advertise a product as our publicity [team] carried the BEST spirit all across the Brazos Valley through radio, television and other related activities.

-Brazos Christian School

Brazos/Texas BEST has provided a wonderful opportunity for an ever-increasing number of our high school students to design and build robots -33 this year, up from 17 last year.

- Booker T. Washington

Though the BEST contest is our destination, the road to get there is the most beneficial part of the journey. This year, as in the past, BEST has provided us with an opportunity we don't receive often enough. An activity where problem solving, critical thinking, ingenuity, team organization, and team building are all combined. BEST is one of the highlights of our high school experience.

- Bryan High School

The biggest challenge was scaling our ideas down to run on only four motors. It became apparent that no one person has all the solutions and that not every idea could be used. It took team work and many late nights to get the job done.

- College Station Junior High

It has opened our eyes to engineering. We learned to work as a team and to appreciate the value of having input and ideas from each other. We discovered that even though our school is small, we still have the ability and opportunity to compete successfully with much larger schools.

- Buckholts

This year really brought our kids together. Because the kids had very little outside help, they had to depend on each other and work with one another. The ideas and robot that emerged are truly their own creation.

- Caldwell High School

We learned a lot about teamwork and engineering. We had a lot of fun.

- Pearland

The BEST competition has taught us what works on paper may not always work when it's built. Despite the shortcomings of our original designs, we also learned not to give up. Nothing is impossible when people work together to solve the problems presented to them.

-Oak Ridge High School

Some of us have discovered previously untapped creative ingenuity within ourselves. Others of us [simply] overcame a phobia about power tools. All of us agree that this has been a fun and educational experience.

-Normangee High School

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