2013 BEST Contact Information

Please consider serving in one of the open positions. We will train those that are interested.

Name BEST Office E-Mail
Michael Wienen Executive Director info at brazosbest.org
People Relations    
Michael Wienen Mentor Coordinator
open School Coordinator  
open Volunteer Coordinator  
Dan Martin Returnables Specialist  kit at brazosbest.org
Alyssa Locklear Awards Specialist  awards at brazosbest.org
Brian Brummit Game Chair  
Paul Bilke Consumables Specialist
Linda Goeger Financial Director  
open Fundraising Chair
Linda Goeger Bookkeeping  
open Publicity Director  
open Multi-Media Coordinator  
open Photographer  
open Printed News Coordinator  
open PSA Coordinator  
open Graphics/Webmaster  
open Special Promotions Coordinator  
Li-Jen Shannon Event Director  
open Facilities Coordinator  
open Kickoff Coordinator  
open Practice Day Coordinator  
John Polasek Game Day Coordinator  


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