We Appreciate our Sponsors!

Diamond Sponsors ($10,000+): Still Searching for companies to commit at this level. Contributions at this level could start a scholarship program defer travel expenses (a few schools travel 1-1/2 hours to compete) or make it possible for 10+ additional teams.

Platinum Sponsors ($5,000+): Still Searching for companies to commit at this level. Contributions at this level would allow us to implement PR plans, recruit new teams, and upgrade electronic equipment issued to the teams.


Gold Sponsors ($2,500+)

Special thanks to Capsher Technology for their generous financial contribution
Special thanks to  Hydraulic Works Inc.  for their generous financial contribution and help recruiting new sponsors

Special thanks to Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. for their generous financial contribution.


Silver Sponsors ($1,250+)

Thank you Brazos Industries for your financial support and donating metal for the kits.

Various polymer machine components for 720 BEST teams nationwide were generously donated by igus Inc.


Bronze Sponsors ($750+)

Still seeking sponsors at this level...


Best Friends ($500-)
  • Thank you Lowe's for help with our consumable kits
  • Thank you Home Depot for help with our consumable kits
  • Thank you Agnitek for your web-hosting services.
  • Thank you GKG.net for domain registration.
Looking for a Good Investment?

The future rests in the hands of today's youth...
The responsibility to prepare them rests with us.

Most students will tell you that the BEST competition is a lot of fun. Fun? How can engineering, science and technology be fun...to teenagers? But that is the whole point. Society spends a lot of money on our kids. Much of it will not yield anything beyond a moment's pleasure, but some will have lasting impact. The BEST program is free for the participants but, frankly, costs quite a bit of money.

Want to be assured that you are investing in your local community? The competition is open to all, but we can only field as many teams as our funding allows. Be assured, there are many additional schools that could be added to the program.

How much is needed? Our current budget (consumable robot parts, maintenance of returnable robot parts, game floor materials, advertising/printing, T-shirts, buttons, awards) is about $1,000 per team. But we want to do so much more...We want to field more teams in future years, provide academic scholarships to students, and help fund schools to improve their BEST facilities.

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